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The Industry's

Most Adaptable Vectorizing Service

Vectorized Illustrations to Use
in Your Decoration Style.

The first step in any kind of design is vectorizing the artwork to be used.
We’re able to help interior designers of any type because of our extensive background in the industry.

Screen Printing

Build your printing screens and ensure that the color registrations are flawless.

Direct to Garment

The process of making designs for Direct to Garment printing can be difficult. In spite of these obstacles, we are able to provide you with composites and high-resolution PNGs.

Sublimation of Dyes

For usage with transfers and textile printing, we offer spot color separations in addition to CMYK composites.

Laser Cutting

Achieve smooth laser cuts using outline files.

Vinyl Cutting

By using the same meticulous standards to vinyl cutting that are used for etchings, transfers, and laser cutting, our professionals are able to produce truly remarkable results.

Printing on Pads

Your image plate provider will appreciate you sending them artwork that is ready to go.

Convert a Raster Image into a Vector Format

We create vector illustrations that include everything you need to begin processing your design.


Make halftone prints that are perfectly aligned.

Distinctions by Color

The usage of color separations is not limited to a single application.


Composites prepared for printing, compatible with DTG and other print methods.

Underlay and Overlay

It is needed for flooded overlays or underlays.


Neat outlines, perfect for the laser cutter.


Photos with a clear background for DTG printing..

Tones of color

We offer a comprehensive color scheme as part of our vectorization service.




Document Formats

A vectorizing service that works with the files used by your software

Software formats

Universal formats

What We Consider Important
While Vectorizing Artworks?

The client’s intended purpose is considered while we build the vectorized files.

Sorted by Color-Coded Names for Layers

Our designs are well-structured, with each layer confined to a certain color- or object-based category. Facilitating further editing in the future.

Zero Auto Tracing

We don’t use auto-tracing because we don’t need it. To guarantee the quality of the final imprint product, all designs are generated manually, from scratch.

Check Spells

Misspelled words are every designer’s worst nightmare because they are so easy to make and can cost a lot of money to fix. Our quality assurance procedures have been designed to catch it early on in the process, so you can rest easy.

No Problematic Edges

We make sure that there are no sharp or otherwise problematic edges anywhere in the designs we create.


Basic logos, text, and designs
& shapes.

 $ 6-15

per Design


Mixed use of complex logos and straightforward artwork.


per Design


Multilayered Graphics &


per Design

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